Corporate Wellness 

Improve Productivity With On-Site  Massage


More and more companies are beginning to offer on-site massage to employees. 


Use massage in your workplace to:


Boost employee morale

Reward employees for completing projects or meeting goals

Reduces number of sick days

Enhance employee productivity

Relieve repetitive stress injuries

A wonderful enhancement to any existing wellness program or a great start one to one.


All that is needed is a small office space or conference room.  You can request a time block (generally between 2-4 hours) to provide  chair or table massages to employees.

Company is responsible for cost of services. 
The cost is determined by the total amount of time to be spent on the company's premises.




We provide sign up sheets and all other materials to make the time organized and easy.   


For more information please call  734.335.0358 or email