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Partner Massage Classes

Private Massage Lessons


Private massage lessons allow for a fun, interactive "Date Night" type feel but is not limited to romantic partners.

Partners, friends or family members are all welcome! 

 Our licensed massage practitioner will teach you how to apply easy-to-learn massage techniques in a safe and effective manner.
With the proper materials and one-on-one instruction, you are sure to get all you need to feel con
fident in practicing massage on your loved ones. After your brief consultation, your therapist will provide a customized session for the specific areas you wish to learn.

Areas that will be covered:


  • Why massage is so amazing!

  • Easy to follow techniques with step-by-step instruction.

  • Identifying knots and tightness

  • Proper form when giving massage

  • Contraindications for your safety

  • Massage environments that work best for you. 

  • The best lotions, aromatherapy, music, and  more..

  • Massage myths, tips, and tricks!

What You Can Expect

There are several options in which the lessons can be taught, so a consultation with the massage therapist is required before registering. This is tailored especially for you and your partner's needs in a quiet, relaxing space for learning and connection.

What to Wear

Your modesty and comfort are very important to us. Please come dressed in loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. Athletic clothes are a great option. We provide proper draping practices to ensure the area we are working on is minimally exposed. I.e., if we are working on your back, the rest of your body will be covered with blankets.

What You Should Bring

A positive attitude and an open mind! We provide everything you need for the class and will even send you home with a goody bag.
Approximately  2hrs.

Non-romantic partners are always welcome! 

Each lesson is individualized and would require a complimentary consultation prior to booking. This will ensure you get the most out of your lesson. 

Partner massage classes are available to individuals over 18 years of age and aren’t limited to romantic partners; you can bring a friend or family member along with you to learn. 


Additional Information

Private massage lessons will not certify, license  or qualify you or your partner to practice  the learned massage techniques as a  licensed massage therapist.

No certificates will be awarded after completing the partner massage lesson. 

These lessons are non-credit courses upon completion. They do not constitute completion of an accredited massage therapy or CEU program.
Completion of any of these classes does not permit participants to receive compensation for any bodywork or massage therapy practice.

If you or your partner are pregnant, please notify us when booking. You will be required to bring a doctor's note that allows you to attend class. 

Meraki Massage teaches therapeutic, non-sexual massage. 

Massage therapy is not a substitute for medical care. Please check with your doctor for any medical concerns. 

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